The 8 Points You Need To Use To Finish Every Kimura

Master the Kimura!

​Learn the principles that make it a powerful attack while optimizing your efficiency to finish every time!


Video #1

8 Point Top Side Kimura


Video #2

The Step Over Kimura


Video #3

Kimura to Arm Bar


Video #4

Kimura from Guard

The Fastest Way for You to Achieve Kimura Mastery

Establishing a solid foundation is crucial to becoming a master of any technique. After all, how can you have perfect technique when you start with a bad understanding of the basic principles? It is like building a house on quick sand, and unfortunately a lot of people are knee deep, black belts included, when it comes to the Kimura.

In the Kimura Fundamentals Course, I will outline the core principles behind each of the techniques that will allow you to break down the technique to its basic building blocks so you can optimize your execution. You will use less energy, have more leverage, and finish at a much higher rate than ever before.

What You'll Discover in this 4-Part Course:


The Core Principles of the Kimura

Most people are just "mimicking" what they have seen without truly understanding the WHY. Don't be a parrot! I will show you the who, what, how, when, where, and why behind the Kimura.


The Common Pitfalls

There are a lot of people trying to teach the Kimura. Unfortunately, they are teaching it with errors. Learn what these common errors are (you are probably making them too) so you can correct them.


Proper Sequencing

I see people that utilize a secondary move as their primary, which requires much more energy, and increases the likelihood of escape. Knowing which move to use in particular situation is important to finishing efficiently.


Shoulder Domination

If there is one thing that will open your eyes about the Kimura, it is shoulder domination. This one tip alone can correct the vast majority of problems with your Kimura. It is surprisingly simple and common sense, yet I haven't found a student yet that knew about it before I taught it to them, including UFC fighters and BJJ world champions.

What Others Are Saying:


Jeff Cressmen BJJ Black Belt Instructor

“The Kimura Trap is the new evolution of Jiu Jitsu. It is awesome and I can’t wait to start using it in competition…Jiu Jitsu is always changing – this is definitely the next step. Anybody who is not doing this is going to be back a whole notch so I highly recommend David Avellan’s Kimura Trap. Check it out!”

Patrick Kelly BJJ Black Belt Instructor

“Basically, a game changer. If you are having trouble finishing the kimura, trouble setting up the kimura, or having trouble defending takedowns, this is the system that will improve your game and have you catching kimuras from all different angles, have you defending takedowns, taking people’s back and finishing with a one arm choke. Overall the system is amazing. I definitely suggest you check out the system.”

Keenan Cornelius BJJ Black Belt, ADCC Silver Medalist, Worm Guard Master

"The transition game is the most valuable part of the Kimura Trap System...The thing I like about the transitions is how many submissions there are along the way...all the chokes, so many arm bars, Master Dave has really opened my eyes to how many submissions there are along the way, bicep slicers, chokes, and especially in the gi."

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