Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get with the Kimura Trap System?

When you order the Kimura Trap System, you will get an email right away with instant online access to the complete course: 11+ hours of video spread out over 145 video clips in easy to access chapters, an 110 page eBook, and the KTS mind map. Plus you will get free updates to the system (currently over 7+ hours added). After going through this course, you will see the endless possibilities of the Kimura Trap System, and find yourself catching people in it over and over again!

The Kimura Trap System has over 60 techniques covered. We can categorize them into 6 modules:


Module 1: Kimura Fundamentals

Before you can learn the Kimura Trap, you need to fully understand the Kimura. This part blows people's minds, from white belt to black belt. I can't tell you how many black belts and top fighters were completely clueless on the important details that make the Kimura such a powerful submission hold. 

People often think that basic moves are easy and don't require much study - that couldn't be further from the truth! Basic moves are so powerful, that even just a low level understanding allows it be effective. When you have the high level understanding you gain from this module, your Kimura will be a devastating weapon.

  • Kimura from Guard
  • Hip Over Sweep
  • Hip Over to Kimura / Kimura to Hip over
  • Kimura from Side Mount
  • Arm Bar off the Kimura from Side Mount
  • Head Scissors off the Kimura from Side Mount
  • Inverted Triangle Choke off the Kimura from Side Mount
  • Forearm Slicer from Side Mount
  • North South Kimura
  • Kimura Pass - Kimura Finish
  • Kimura Pass - Arm Lock Finish
  • Kimura Pass - Side Mount Finish
  • Running time 88 minutes


Module 2: Introduction to the Kimura Trap

Once you understand the Kimura, you can then learn the concept of the Kimura Trap - using the Kimura as a grip rather than just a submission. This revelation opens up all sorts of possibilities: sweeps, take downs, reversals, guard passes, and submissions. It also cover a unique position called the "TV" Position, which will become one of the best positions to trap your opponent.

  • Setting Up the Kimura Trap Against the Head Inside Single Leg
  • Taking the Back off the Kimura Trap and Finishing with the One Arm Choke
  • Kimura Trap to Arm Bar
  • Kimura Trap to Head Scissors
  • Kimura Trap to Inverted Triangle Choke
  • Kimura Trap to Crucifix
  • Running time 41 minutes


Module 3: Advanced Finishes from the TV Position

After mastering the TV position and the basic submission attacks, we will go deeper into this position, with all sorts of submission and transition options. 

  • Kimura Trap to Avellan Pin
  • Kimura Trap to Side Mount
  • Kimura Trap Hook Control
  • Kimura Trap Against the Double Leg Far Arm
  • Kimura Trap Against the Double Leg Near Arm
  • Kimura Trap Against the Double Leg Against the fence
  • Kimura Trap Against the Turtle
  • Diving Kimura Trap
  • Running time 40 minutes


Module 4: The Kimura Lockdown

The Kimura Lockdown is another unique position that utilizes the Kimura Trap concept. Most commonly used from bottom half guard, it allows you to lockdown your opponent and give you a slew of attacks, from sweeps to submissions.

  • Kimura Lock Down – Kimura finish
  • Kimura Lock Down – Setups
  • Kimura Lock Down – Avellan Squeeze
  • Kimura Lock Down – Grapevine Arm Bar
  • Kimura Lock Down – Inverted Triangle Choke
  • Kimura Lock Down – Rolling Arm Bar
  • Kimura Lock Down – Inverted Head Scissors
  • Kimura Lock Down – Sweeping Arm Bar
  • Running time 40 minutes


Module 5: Kimuras from Behind and Escape Prevention

Even when your opponent is behind you the Kimura Trap is still in play. Whether you are standing, on your knees, or even in a complete back mount with hooks in, you can still finish the Kimura Trap! Plus, we plug any holes that your opponent might try to escape the Kimura Trap from, so that once somebody gets caught in the Kimura Trap, there is only one escape – to tap out!

  • Kimura Throw from the back
  • Kimura Slide Out
  • The Prestige
  • Backward Roll Counter
  • Leg Trapping Counter
  • Armless Triangle Choke off the Kimura Trap
  • Kimura Trap to Kimura Lock Down
  • Kimura Trap Combo: Turtle to Crucifix
  • Kimura Trap Combo: Turtle to Back
  • Running time 42 minutes


Module 6: Online Updates

The first 5 modules were part of the release of the Kimura Trap System. But over the years, many new techniques were discovered, along with improvements to existing techniques. Rather than make a new product, I just updated the system for free by adding over 7 hours of content!

  • Motorcycle Grip
  • Step Over Kimura Tweaks
  • Kimura Lock Down to Back
  • Kimura Trap Same Side Kimura
  • Kneemura
  • Staple Pin
  • Kimura to Omo Plata
  • Kimura from Kesa-Gatame
  • Kimura Bar
  • Refined Diving Kimura Trap
  • Kimura Fundamentals
  • Kneemura
  • Kimura Lockdown Leg Lock Setup
  • Reverse Kimura
  • Reverse Kimura Sweeps
  • Inverted Kimura
  • Diving Reverse Kimura Trap
  • RKT Knee Bar
  • RKT From Turtle
  • RKT Back Take
  • RKT Leg Hook Pass
  • Standing Arm Lock
  • Standing Wrist Lock
  • Reverse Kimura Throw
  • Shoulder Smash
  • Seminar Videos
  • Class Videos
  • Running time 7 hours, 38 minutes and growing

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