"The Forearm Slicer: Your Opponent Will Regret Grabbing His Shorts After You Lock On This Brutal Submission!"

Video #1

Forearm Slicer

Video #2

Head Scissors

Video #3

Single Leg Kimura Trap

The Kimura Trap System is a powerful submission system that counters half guard, turtle guard, and take down players with brutal efficiency.

In this video, I go over how to counter-the-counter when your opponent grabs his shorts to defend the Kimura by using the Forearm Slicer.

Never let go of a Kimura again!

I am 100% committed to my Kimura, and this technique gives me a reason reason why I should never let go of it.

This is a very strong finish from the side mount, and not only will you crush the forearm, but you will also be able to apply a modified Kimura from this technique as well.


Looking for something more flashy?

My next technique is sure to turn some heads - literally! ?

Most people don't think this is a real move, but I assure you that it is legit and is an awesome way of tapping people out. Check your email tomorrow for the next video.

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