Is This The James Bond Choke? Not Quite, But You Will LITERALLY Turn Heads When You Put Your Opponent In The Head Scissors!

Video #1

Forearm Slicer

Video #2

Head Scissors

Video #3

Single Leg Kimura Trap

The Kimura Trap System is a powerful submission system that counters half guard, turtle guard, and take down players with brutal efficiency.

The Head Scissors is a very effective submission off the Kimura that will catch many people off guard. It definitely has style, and has made it's appearance (although a bit different) in Hollywood action movies.

What is a great about this technique is that you can easily jump back and forth between this and the Kimura.


You have seen enough of what I consider the fundamentals of the Kimura to learn more advanced techniques.

Tomorrow you will finally get to see the Kimura Trap System in action!

I wish I could be there to see your jaw drop when you realize how simple, yet powerful the Kimura Trap is.

Until then, hone up on your Kimura game and check your email tomorrow for the next video.

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