"The Forearm Slicer: Your Opponent Will Regret Grabbing His Shorts After You Lock On This Brutal Submission!"

Master the Kimura Trap System!

​Learn the principles that make it a powerful attack while optimizing your efficiency to finish every time!

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Forearm Slicer

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Head Scissors

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Single Leg Kimura Trap

The Kimura Trap System - Taught by the Creator David Avellan

Back in 2007, David Avellan began experimenting with the Kimura. While he was proficient with the Kimura, he released there was much more to it than he first learned. After spending 5 years working on it day and night, he coined the term "Kimura Trap" and released the course in 2012. It quickly changed the grappling and MMA world, and now the Kimura Trap is seen in virtually every competition.

Why did the Kimura Trap System catch on so fast? It is in part due to how effective it is, regardless of your size, age, experience, or ability. Whether you are a new white belt, or a 3 stripe black belt, there is something to learn with the Kimura Trap System, and honestly it is one of the must learn systems every martial artist should master. Not knowing this would be like not knowing how to throw a jab cross.

By joining this newsletter, you will get a sneak peak into what the Kimura Trap System has to offer. I will share with you some of the more interesting uses of the concept of the Kimura Trap - which is using the Kimura not as a submission, but rather a grip. This allows you to setup other submissions, sweeps, take downs, reversals, and much more. Once you realize the power of the Kimura grip and utilize the trap, the possibilities are endless!

What You'll Discover in this Newsletter:

The Forearm Slicer

Have you ever gone for a Kimura from side control, only to get stuck when your opponent grabs their shorts or gi top? This submission is a great way to make them pay for slowing you down.

The Head Scissors

This is by far one of the coolest submissions you can pull off in martial arts. Some people think it doesn't work, and then they go to sleep. Trust me, I have seen it happen several times. The best part, it is easy to setup in both BJJ and MMA.

Single Leg Kimura Trap Setup

This is the one technique that started the journey for David. It is by far the most popular use of the Kimura Trap globally, and you are going to get to learn it for free! This technique alone can revolutionize your take down defense, and make you question shooting in on anyone versed in the Kimura Trap System.

The Kimura Trap Concept

Anyone who has trained Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as undoubtedly learned the Kimura as a basic submission hold. But what is often missed, is that it is also a grip! In fact, I believe it to be the most powerful grip one can have without a kimono. Even more amazing, is that the Kimura doubles as a pin often times, immobilizing your opponent and limiting his motion. All of these things combiend created a powerful position, which you will learn how to use to transition into other submissions, sweeps, take downs, reversals, and much more!

What Others Are Saying:

Jeff Cressmen BJJ Black Belt Instructor

“The Kimura Trap is the new evolution of Jiu Jitsu. It is awesome and I can’t wait to start using it in competition…Jiu Jitsu is always changing – this is definitely the next step. Anybody who is not doing this is going to be back a whole notch so I highly recommend David Avellan’s Kimura Trap. Check it out!”

Patrick Kelly BJJ Black Belt Instructor

“Basically, a game changer. If you are having trouble finishing the kimura, trouble setting up the kimura, or having trouble defending takedowns, this is the system that will improve your game and have you catching kimuras from all different angles, have you defending takedowns, taking people’s back and finishing with a one arm choke. Overall the system is amazing. I definitely suggest you check out the system.”

Keenan Cornelius BJJ Black Belt, ADCC Silver Medalist, Worm Guard Master

"The transition game is the most valuable part of the Kimura Trap System...The thing I like about the transitions is how many submissions there are along the way...all the chokes, so many arm bars, Master Dave has really opened my eyes to how many submissions there are along the way, bicep slicers, chokes, and especially in the gi."

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