The Technique You Are About To See Is A Wrestler Killer! This Simple Reversal Using the Kimura Lock Will Make You Forget About Sprawling As You Dominate Wrestlers Using Only Jiu Jitsu.

Video #1

Forearm Slicer

Video #2

Head Scissors

Video #3

Single Leg Kimura Trap

The Kimura Trap System is a powerful submission system that counters half guard, turtle guard, and take down players with brutal efficiency.

In this video, I go over how to use the Kimura Submission to counter one of the most common wrestling take downs - the Head Inside Single Leg.

I tell you so that you don't get confused when you see there is no finish shown on this video. In this video, I'm focusing on controlling the Kimura Lock. Once you have control of the Kimura Submission, THEN the finishes come with ease.


As you know, this was the last video preview.

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