July 16

The Crucifix and how “Big Daddy” Goodridge made it famous


It was over 20 years ago that the Crucifix made it’s debut at UFC 8: David vs Goliath

Back in 1996, MMA didn’t exist. I don’t mean conceptually (although that was nearly non-existent) but the term itself wasn’t coined yet. Back then fighting was called NHB – No Holds Barred. So seeing a crucifix this brutal was definitely unexpected.

Gary Goodridge Crucifix

In this era of the UFC, the events were about determining which fighting style was the best. Ever since Royce Gracie’s victory in UFC 1, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu was going to with Kickboxing, Wrestling, Karate, and every other Martial Art on the planet.

Enter Gary “Big Daddy” Goodridge. He was not your typical martial artist. In fact, he was famous for being an Arm Wrestling World Champion, and being a Canadian amateur boxing champion.

Before UFC 8, he was offered the status of 4th degree black belt in kuk sool won if he would represent their style in the UFC. After 2 classes, he was a 4th degree black belt.

He was a fast learner…

Gary was no dummie! He knew he was facing an excellent wrestler in Paul Herrera. He analyzed Paul’s most used take down, the Fireman’s Carry, and came up with a way to counter it. This counter became forever tied to Goodridge as it was one of the most brutal finishes in the UFC.

The counter he used is called the Back Crucifix. Even though many people are aware of it nowadays, most people don’t know how to use it or even get into the position easily.

I have developed a powerful way of attacking and controlling the back with my new DVD called the Back Trap System, and the Back Crucifix is just one of the ways you can attack the back. You can take a peek into my new DVD and watch the Back Crucifix in action by clicking the link below:

Learn the Back Crucifix


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